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Common Grooming Myths (That Everyone Thinks Is True)

Okay, I have been getting a lot of emails about these hair myths and I thought it would be a perfect time to just debunk most of them in this article. (Seriously, my inboxes are flaring up with this stuff). Now you might be familiar with some of these already so I took the liberty […]

How To Look Attractive Over Being Beautiful

What is the meaning of being beautiful? How does it differ from being attractive? Well, maybe we can say that one overlaps the other. It overlaps in a way that beautiful people are attractive but not all attractive people are downright beautiful. So how can a person be attractive even he is not that beautiful? […]

Look Happy And Young With Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrows can totally change a look depending on its state and shape. Too thick, one-lined brows can make you look as if you’re frowning presenting an unfriendly face. Very high set and arched eyebrows can make you look as if you’ve seen a ghost. Shaping the brows is as important as trimming your hair. You […]