Sex and Health: How to Enjoy Sizzling Sex Anytime

How to Enjoy Sizzling Sex AnytimeAre you currently suffering from bad sex? Has it become monotonous and boring?

When it comes to getting close and intimate with your significant other, there’s always plenty of ways to make it more than just kissing, hugging and fondling.  Pleasure is good but the health benefits that come with it are the total reasons why you’re in good physical shape. The more you enjoy sex, the better and healthier your life will be.

Sizzling sex, for many, is a myth. Not everybody enjoys sex although a majority of our population does. If you did enjoy great sex in the heydays, you may be a little worried why you’re starting to find it dull and stale. Don’t worry. There are hundreds of ways for you to make good old sex fresh and red hot once again. Here’s how:

  • Take time for foreplay. Skipping on the foreplay can have dreadful results — it will kill the intimacy more than you could imagine. That is not an exaggeration. Many people indulge in sex for the foreplay and no one can blame them. Many even reach climax by fondling! The real thing will feel even much better once you enjoyed full-blown foreplay beforehand. It also unleashes the inner beast in you.
  • Watch your partner. Don’t be self-centered. Give some attention on how you’re affecting your partner. Watch if they are also enjoying the moment. Seeing them in pleasure will also increase your libido and will make you even more aggressive in the process. Some even take even more pleasure seeing their partners touch themselves. Be sensitive with each moan, cry or tiny grasps for breath. The effect is electrifying!
  • Look forward for it. If sex is becoming more like a routine to you, by all means, break it. Sex is something you must look forward to for the pleasure, not because you’re supposed to or because it has turned into something more like an obligation. Do yourself and your partner a favor by cutting on sex for a while. Take time to miss each other and surely, your next sex session will be a far better cry from the last.
  • Let go. Many of us have much insecurity and some may even stress us while we’re having sex, which hinders you from enjoying it full blast. If you are always wondering if you look good or if your partner thinks you look good, then chances are you’re not enjoying much when it comes to having sexual intercourse. Just let go and get creative. You may be surprised to know that your partner will start to get creative too.

Sex is healthy, both physically and emotionally. So don’t be too preoccupied by performance. Be a little kind to yourself and just devour the treat. Talk to your partner, discuss what you want (or you can discuss doing foreplay to make it more drama) and how you want it to be done. He or she will be more than willing to give it a shot as well. Take time and be patient. Sex will be sizzling anytime soon.

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