Physical Fitness Exercises and Their Benefits

Are you the kind of person who does physical fitness exercises without knowing the benefits behind it? This is often the problem of people where they do exercises but they really don’t know the principles behind it. They may know a thing or two about the exercise but not the knowledge one needs to have in order to be better at it. This is why this article will enumerate some physical exercises and how they could benefit the body.

Crunches and Sit Ups

This exercise is a popular one. Anyone can do this wherever he is. Despite its popularity however, people only usually associate crunches and sit ups with abs building. Often, they would think that by doing crunches, you can have a flatter belly and even a six pack of abs for design.

The flat belly and the six packs are true. This is one of the benefits of crunches and sit ups. However, it is also good to know that a crunch is one good way to strengthen the core area of the body. It is important to strengthen the core area of the body because most physical movements require a stable core region.

Lateral Raise

With the use of a dumbbell, the lateral raise is also one favourite exercise of people especially the ladies. Most of the time, they only think of this exercise as the edification of the arms. What they lack to understand is that this exercise is the one responsible in toning the muscles to provide a better appearance on the area of the shoulders.

Now, the tricky part here is the illusion that will happen when the shoulders are toned. Believe it or not, there will be an effect to the waist and hips. The effect is to make the waist and hips look smaller all just because the shoulders got wider. So always remember that aside from the strength, toning and building of the muscles in the shoulder area is also another benefit of the lateral raise.

Kick Backs

Another exercise that involves the dumbbell is what they call as the kick back exercise. This exercise is not so much concerned with strength but it is more with the toning of the triceps. It may give your arms the extra strength that it needs but more to it is the definition of the triceps muscles. What would you do with a good biceps when the triceps are sagging?

Push Ups

Of all the exercise known to man of any age, perhaps the most popular is the push up. Most of us know what push up triggers in the body. The question is if the knowledge is enough? So what are other benefits that push up can give people?

Aside from strength, push up can increase metabolism which would mean to say that the burning of calories would be faster if you are doing a couple of sets of push ups every day. So after all, it is not just about strength for the person, it is also the work that is done inside the system.

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