Natural Pills that Promise You Larger Breasts

You know very well why many women go gaga over breast enhancement products. Many men find healthy breasts attractive. It is natural though to make some efforts to enhance how you look. However, the question is, “How far can you go just to look pleasing to the eyes?”

Breakthroughs .

Today, many treatments promise you an increase in size of your bumpers. The promises are often fascinating yet they may cost a big amount from your pocket. Are they safe? There is an argument whether breast enhancement products and treatments are safe to use. However, some conservative people do think that the consequences you may get are not worth the risks.

Breast Enhancement Pills .

With several different work-out programs, treatments and even surgeries that aim to enhance the

size and the appearance of the breast, it is hard

Natural Pills that Promise You Larger Breasts

Breast enhancement Pills

to identify which one works best. Have you heard of pills that can make your bumpers grow about a few inches? They have gained much popularity especially among women like you who are aiming for a bigger cap size.


They are Natural .

Made from nature’s herbs, these pills aim to increase the size of the breast tissue. These ingredients have the capacity to mimic the effects of estrogen which is responsible for breast development and size. Just like oral contraceptive pills, these herbs temporarily increase the size to your bumpers by causing fluid retention in the tissue.

The Herbs

  • Blessed Thistle

This herb was formerly used for other purposes such as in treating indigestion and for loss of appetite. It is also believed to be a galactagogue and was used by breastfeeding women in the ancient times. Today, it is used as aqn ingredient in various breast enhancement pills because of their effects on the breast tissue.

  • Dong Quai

This is a Chinese herb primarily used to treat menopausal symptoms such as menstrual cramps, hot flashes and even to regulate cycles. Its use started when a man reported that upon using a product with the said ingredient, he noted that he had temporary enlargement of the breast.

  • Fennel Seed

This ingredient has been used for food and for medicine. Just like blessed thistle, it also enhances milk production. Other uses were increasing the flow of menstruation and enhancing libido. Today, it is believed to cause breast tissue growth which is the reason why it became a vital ingredient to breast enhancement pills.

  • Fenugreek

This plant contains compounds that can be converted into progesterone and estrogen. These hormones have various effects in the body. Estrogen is known to enhance your bust size and this explains why fenugreek became a part of the recipe of the pills that increase your breast size.

Breast enhancement caught the attention of many women like you who want to have a great-looking physique. There are some pills designed to give you the benefit of increasing your bust size without the often risky surgeries. There are some that are made of natural ingredients and are marketed with the promise that it is safe to use. However, it is always important to identify the risks you can get from working on increasing the size of your breasts.

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