Marriage and Sex: How to Keep the Heat in the Bedroom

Married couples often find themselves in a phase where is sex is starting to become more like an obligation.  Although this may not be reason enough to end a marriage, dull sex can have a great impact in the bedroom, and ultimately, your married life.

There are a lot of factors why sex starts to decline its passion and sizzle especially if you have been married for a long time. If you crave back the pleasurable moments with your spouse, then it’s perfect time to address the reasons why you both do not have the same appetite for sex anymore.

    • Technology. Being glued on your cell phone, your computer and even the television can give fatal blows to a relationship especially if these technological gadgets are easily accessed in your home. As much as possible, do not keep a TV in your bedroom where you can have your hands only at each other.
    • Schedule. Working is a part of life and having a busy schedule is normal for an active person. However, when your schedule is jam-packed with work activities with no room for your spouse, chances are, you will be feeling all neglected. Always make time to save space for your significant other like Friday romantic dinners or a date night on a weekend.
    • Bills. Bills and other financial matters need to be attended to right away but these are also the common reasons why a relationship is stressed. Although you need to be open with your partner about money, it’s important that you manage it as if you’re running a business, because once you both start to get cranky about it, you both will be emotional. Deal with financial matters like business partners and not as a married couple. It will make a lot of difference.
    • Kids. School, summer camp, weekend workshops and piano lessons — you want your kids to get the most out of life while still young. However, while your kid’s schedule is teeming with activities, your already crowded schedule will also be squeezed to the brim once your child gets busy. Get a nanny or someone who can be there with the kids when you think that you’re struggling with your schedule as well. This will help you to have more energy in the bedroom instead of going straight for pillows, asleep.
    • Routine. Routine makes life easier, but not to your marriage. Give in to spontaneity every once in a while. Can you still remember when you were on the dating stage? Unpredictability created excitement so make sure your relationship gets nourished by it. Don’t make every event perfect. Sometimes, a quick lunch or a movie date on a week day can absolutely turn your dull moment into something worth remembering.

Sex and marriage can go very well with each other when you and your partner work hard to keep the heat alive. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you have to be tamed in bed too. Keep exploring possibilities, experiment if you have to and you will be savoring a wonderful, healthy married life soon.

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