Is Too Much Sex Harmful?

Is Too Much Sex Harmful?They say sex is like an old pizza. Even if it’s bad, it’s still good. But what about too much sex?

Truth is, there isn’t really a limit when it comes to how many times you must have sex. As long as it is good sex and you’re loving it, there’s no medical reason why you shouldn’t do it. However, it is important to remember that healthy sex means you must be in a good relationship with one person and that you both nourish your connection and love by being physically intimate.

Too much sex can only be harmful if:

    • You don’t use protection.
    • You have more than one partner.
    • You sleep with strangers.
    • You often have black-outs.
    • You’re using sex to be in a long-term relationship.
    • You have unexplained bleeding every once in a while.
    • You do not enjoy it at all.

There are the top reasons why too much sex can take a toll on your body. Not using protection and having multiple partners can increase your risk of sexually transmitted diseases, not to mention a possible emotional breakdown that may lead to depression. Being in a relationship for sex is also not very healthy, unless you’re working on things to be more serious. But if you are currently in a long term relationship and is very much in love, no need to get all worried about too much sex. Aggressiveness and too much sex drive are normal and you should be glad you are taking so much positive energy in having sex. Even pregnant women are not prohibited from enjoying good sex!

When you are currently having a very active sex life, here are just a few things you need to have in check.

    • Wash up before and after.

Staying clean while enjoying sex will make you more comfortable and relaxed while being intimate with your love. Moreover, washing up can help eliminate risk from urinary tract infections.

    • Talk with your partner.

Open up about your partner when it comes to the sex aspects of your life. If one of you is feeling sick or may have any sexual concerns, don’t hide it from each other. Always keep communications line open. Just because you having great sex does not mean you can’t talk about other things.

    • Contact your doctor. If having too much sex becomes weird or uncomfortable, contact your doctor or an ob gynecologist right away. Be honest and air out your concerns to find out if what you’re feeling is normal or you already need some prescriptions.

But what’s important is that the better you feel when you have sex, the healthier your sex life is. So there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. If your partner feels the same way, there better rejoice. Both of you thrive in your intimate relationship with one another. Don’t hold back and continue to love the feeling. Not everybody enjoys sex as much as you do, so consider yourself blessed! Stay connected with your partner and bask in the glorious pleasure of intimacy!

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