How Not To Driver Her Away: Commonly Made Mistakes By Men that Drive Women Away

When it comes to dating, not all of us are really good at it. Face it; I’ve sat down with a couple of friends who had the look but none of the success to back it up with. They’ve driven girls they like away from them at some point of their courtship. So with that in mind, I’ve decided to enumerate a couple of problematic factors that most of my friends had.

Here’s the list in all its glory, people. Just read on.

1. You’re Being Possessive.

Space is an important thing for everyone, and when you invade space that isn’t yours, you’re bound to have some problems. If you’re the type that compulsively texts her all the time or stalking her movements every few odd seconds, then you need to stop what you’re doing brother. It’s creepy and it makes you look incredibly annoying; two things which you DO NOT want to be labeled as. If she’s somewhere hanging out with a couple of guy friends don’t be like an utter dweeb by being too possessive.

If you get to talk to her, just listen in on her last experiences and listen. I admit, it’s hard not be even a little jealous when she’s out with other guys, but it this will give her just the right space as well as give the impression that when she’s with you, she’s in good company.

Being Too Nice is Not Nice

Being nice is one of the requirements for a great guy; but overdoing it will drive them away instead of making them comfortable with you. It’s no doubt that girls like to hear compliments and it’s a darn honest truth that they’re effective. But throw too many half-meant compliments will get old real fast. Women will know if you’re just laughing at all their jokes and being nice just to get into their pants.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to be a stiff with nothing to say neither. Being too nice or being too quiet definitely kills the mood that you want to achieve. If you really want to dish out compliments or say something funny, be sure you time it just right instead of turning into a compliment machine.

3. You’re Being a Cheapo.

Money does have a substantial effect on how the girl looks at you. And I’m not saying that taking her to a fancy restaurant will definitely seal the deal, it’s the thought that counts. Women want to see that they are valued and paying for dinner tells them two things: you’re financially stable and that you’re willing to take care of her. Not paying for dinner is a big indicator that you’re not doing a great job at showing how capable you are financially.

Be on Moderation

Don’t rush things, don’t slow it down neither. You must have the right pace and the trouble is that not all women follow the same pace. Hopefully, these three main indicators will help you get a good head start!

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