Common Grooming Myths (That Everyone Thinks Is True)

Okay, I have been getting a lot of emails about these hair myths and I thought it would be a perfect time to just debunk most of them in this article. (Seriously, my inboxes are flaring up with this stuff). Now you might be familiar with some of these already so I took the liberty of expounding what I can from three mugs of coffee and an internet connection.

Here it’s goes.

Common Grooming Myths

MYTH: Gum Chewing Helps You Develop a Stronger Jaw

This is perhaps one of the more hilarious messages I get. The saying goes that chewing bubble gum or any kind of gum for that matter will strengthen your jaw much like weight lifting your muscles for a more toned look. This is not true of course, since no amount of gabbing or chewing will develop your thin to a more noticeable degree than what it looks like now.

Want my advice? Develop a light six’ o’clock shadow, or light stubble, heck even a neat beard so it can draw away from a weak chin.

MYTH: Toothpaste Helps Clean Up Spots on Your Face

This is another funnier one. Menthol (which is an active ingredient in your toothpaste) can definitely irritate your skin, causing it to be slightly inflamed or itchy. Benzoyl peroxide, a over-the-counter medication, can pretty much do that for you these days.

MYTH: Wearing a Hat Can Cause Baldness

This has no scientific basis whatsoever. The only real reason why people attribute this to hair loss is that caps or any hats for that matter can gather balls of hair if worn in long enough duration. If you do see hair from excessive wearing of a cap, that is of other different causes.

MYTH: Preparation H ; the Eye Bag Cure

This is a rectal treatment cream. Get it? Rectal. This is commonly mistaken as a home remedy to shrink puffy eye bags because they have a similar effect around the rectal area. The reason for this is that Preparation H contains steroid, a chemical that reduces inflammations. However since baggy eyes aren’t inflammations, you’ll just be wasting your time with the stuff.

MYTH: Higher Levels of SPF, the Better

Though you might suspect that higher numbers are a good thing when it comes to SPF ratings, especially because they protect your skin from the scalding effects of the sun. According to experts, there is little difference whether you use SPF 30 and SPF 70. So it makes no difference what SPF ratings you apply.

MYTH: Shaving Your Hair Will Make It Thicker

No, unfortunately, this isn’t true. This is perhaps one of the hopes that men with thinning hairlines hope to accomplish after multiple shaving. You see, when we lose our hair, we do not simply lose the hair line itself, but the root that allows it to grow.

End Notes

Although these myths may seem harmless, they can nonetheless waste your time and even create some complication for you later. So the next time someone offers you a “home remedy”, take the time to research on it first!

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