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How Not To Driver Her Away: Commonly Made Mistakes By Men that Drive Women Away

When it comes to dating, not all of us are really good at it. Face it; I’ve sat down with a couple of friends who had the look but none of the success to back it up with. They’ve driven girls they like away from them at some point of their courtship. So with that […]

Sex and Health: How to Enjoy Sizzling Sex Anytime

Are you currently suffering from bad sex? Has it become monotonous and boring? When it comes to getting close and intimate with your significant other, there’s always plenty of ways to make it more than just kissing, hugging and fondling.  Pleasure is good but the health benefits that come with it are the total reasons […]

Not Having Sex: Is this Healthy?

Why of course! Not having sex does not entail health risks. You can use this phase in your life to enjoy being single and closer to yourself. Many people, both men and women, get worried when, after enjoying years of having an active sex life, suddenly become single. Truth is, there are so many romantic […]

Marriage and Sex: How to Keep the Heat in the Bedroom

Married couples often find themselves in a phase where is sex is starting to become more like an obligation.  Although this may not be reason enough to end a marriage, dull sex can have a great impact in the bedroom, and ultimately, your married life. There are a lot of factors why sex starts to […]

Is Too Much Sex Harmful?

They say sex is like an old pizza. Even if it’s bad, it’s still good. But what about too much sex? Truth is, there isn’t really a limit when it comes to how many times you must have sex. As long as it is good sex and you’re loving it, there’s no medical reason why […]