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The Best Diet Plan in Connection with the Best Exercise Plan

In order for a person to be satisfied with his physique and his health, he or she must master the area of diet and exercise. The problem however, is that there seems to be too many diet plans and exercise plans out there. The number just goes up that it can get confusing sometimes. If […]

Balancing Diet and Exercise

Exercise and diet are two things that in an ideal world should never be separated. They should go hand in hand all the time. Blessed are those who are good in diet and still carry a wonderfully shaped body without exercise and likewise are those blessed who exercise and get the shape that they need […]

Tips To Live Longer Happily and Healthily

Everyone wants to live a litte longer. It’s happiness having to see your grandchildren grow old, spend time longer with your partner and explore the wonders of the world. Today, adults are stricken with various diseases. A great number are affected with debilitating and chronic diseases that will definitely be affecting their quality of life. […]

Diet and Exercise in Hypertension

You might be worried of symptoms like headache and dizziness that usually come when you are under stress. These are the common manifestations of increased blood pressure. However, you may also have an elevated BP without you knowing it (asymptomatic). This is even more dangerous and may lead to complications due to delayed treatment for […]